Our Story

Biblical Discipleship has had a profound effect on each of our staff members.  Don and Travis met through a divine appointment which led them to serve together doing urban ministry in Chicago.  During their time working together their passion for discipleship continued to be at the forefront of their conversation.  After much prayer and confirmation the Lord opened the door for them to move to Ohio and launch Off The Wall Ministry.  The question that everyone asks is, "Why the name Off The Wall?"  A good friend, Jordan Santos told Don that if he ever started a ministry it should be called "Off The Wall" because of Don's unashamed passion for Jesus.  Needless to say the name has stuck.  No super spiritual reason, just the fact that we are unashamed in our love and passion for Jesus.  We are Off The Wall.  We are called to make disciples in an intense life on life ministry and we are  humbled that God continues to use us despite our weakness. 

Our history

The ministry started in the basement of Travis's childhood home in April of 2009.  Yes, that means Don & Travis lived with his parents.  God didn't let us stay there long and provided a house in New Philadelphia for us to begin residential discipleship.  In the early days our staff lived with our students but now we have grown.  Our 2nd year students serve as house leaders (think RA's at a college).  After 6 months another house was provided and we added residential discipleship for the girls.  Since then we have grown our staff in proportion to our students.  We now have 5 (looking to add a 6th) houses that we use.  Our teaching and classes have been held in local churches over these past 6+ years.  We recently purchased a building in downtown New Philadelphia that will serve as our offices and teaching center.