The Team

Our staff is a team of missionaries committed to making passionate disciples of Jesus.  We come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures but our hearts are united because of the Gospel and the commitment to live our lives purposefully and intentional making disciples of Jesus.

  • don stubbs

    Hometown: Warren, OH

    Coffee Shop Drink: Americano w/lots of cream and sugar

    After graduating from Moody Bible Institute Don stayed in Chicago to serve in a variety of ministry roles.  He worked for Moody, Inner City Impact, and help start GRIP Outreach For Youth.  Don has been speaking across the nation for over the past 20 years as well.  His role at OTW includes the overall leadership of the ministry, staff development, teaching, and discipling.

  • Travis Troyer

    Hometown: Sugarcreek, OH

    Coffee Shop Drink: Black Coffee or Cold Brew w/Vanilla

    Travis was living his dream working in Professional Sports after graduating from Kent State University.  Through a series of events God led him into ministry in Chicago where he worked with Don.  Travis loves studying Scripture and learning.  Teaching is a passion for Travis and is one of his main roles along with discipling, strategic planning, and leadership.

  • Todd Macmath

    Hometown: Grafton, Ohio

    Coffee Drink: Starbucks Pike Place with cream.  

    While serving as a Youth and Children’s Pastor, Todd became passionate about seeing students fall in love with Jesus and intentionally walking with them to help them grow in likeness of Jesus….Discipleship. Todd enjoys using his gifts in the area of operations (houses, finances, vehicles, etc) so that the staff has more time to focus more on discipleship.

  • Terri Johnson

    Hometown: Scio, OH

    Coffee Shop Drink: Pumpkin Spice Coffee

    Terri was serving as a youth ministry director at a local church when she met Todd MacMath and Don Stubbs.  God used her passion for discipleship as the common thread that led her to OTW.  Terri has been discipling women for over 15 years.  Her role at OTW is teaching, leading, and discipling the girls.

  • Josh nims

    Hometown: Hamilton, MA

    Coffee Shop Drink: Bold French Press Coffee (that looks like molasses)

    After graduating high school in a small town on the east coast, Josh came to Off The Wall in its first year as one of the original students in 2009. After years of fighting God by attempting to relocate to pursue his own dreams, Josh is now proud to say he is Midwesterner at heart, although he still deeply misses the ocean. Josh is married to Whitney and they are passionate about seeing young men and women be transformed by Christ through discipleship, as they were.  Josh's roles include discipling, working with the fundraising team, and teaching. He also can be found attempting to learn Spanish, (much to the amusement of Shaun and unsuspecting Guatemalans around New Philadelphia).

  • Whitney nims

    Hometown: Versailles, MO

    Coffee Shop Drink: Strong Cup of Blueberry Coffee from Dunkin Donuts

    Whitney grew up in a small country town in central Missouri.  After high school she attended college in Illinois.  Fighting the culture's expectation to graduate college, she felt led by God to seek out a discipling community that would grow her in her walk with Jesus. Whitney left college and joined YWAM Perth where she first fell in love with discipleship.  Seeking to further her growth in the Lord, she joined OTW in 2012.  Whitney now assists Terri in the discipleship of young women.

  • jonny boyd

    Hometown: Bangor, Northern Ireland

    Coffee Shop Drink: Real Italian Cappuccino

    Jonny studied Medicine at Glasgow University where he fell in love with Jesus while being discipled by a Navigators ministry. During his 13 years as a pediatric physician, Jonny and his wife Sarah have been discipling young adults at their home church and at other ministries including Younglife. Jonny and Sarah came to OTW in 2015 when God called them and their 4 children to go into discipleship full time. Jonny will be discipling and teaching with an emphasis on apologetics as his main interest.

  • Jeff Kaufman

    Hometown: Sugarcreek

    Favorite Coffee Shop Drink: French Vanilla Latte

    Jeff grew up in Dover, Oh, and spent most of his time playing guitar and sports. Jeff taught guitar for many years, but God continued to draw him towards ministry in the local church. Soon most of Jeff’s music was geared towards the church, and a real passion for leading worship developed in him. Jeff now spends most of his time leading worship teams, teaching worship leaders, and discipling young men and women in the church.  In his spare time you can find him at a Chinese buffet.

  • Shaun Patrick

    Hometown: Greenville, MI

    Coffee Shop Drink: Guatemalan with sugar

    After spending two years in the Off the Wall program, Shaun headed out with his wife to make disciples in Guatemala. While serving in there in a children's home Shaun was able to baptize new believers and disciple many kids as well as a couple security guards. Now Shaun is back with us and has a vision for seeing the local Guatemalan community reached by the ministry. Shaun's role at OTW is relational discipleship within the students, teaching classes, and helping with the upkeep of our housing and ministry center.  Shaun is passionate about being intentional in our conversations and desire to help out community thrive in that area.

  • Spencer Schwartz

    Hometown: Lapeer, MI

    Coffee Shop Drink: Caffe Vanilla Frapp w/hazelnut (don’t judge until you try it)

    Spencer grew up in Lapeer Michigan and in a round about way ended up in Pennsylvania where he and his wife Claire currently reside. He originally moved to PA to go to seminary, and has since stayed after completing his MA in Theological Studies from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary. Over the course of his life, Spencer has consistently pursued a deep knowledge of the Word of God and loves applying it to others through preaching, teaching, and one on one discipleship. His passion is to train up and see young adults follow Christ with their whole heart and push others to do the same. In the beginning of 2015 Spencer was approached by OTW leadership with the idea of opening a second OTW location in PA. Through God’s clear direction, he is raising support as he works as an OTW liaison in the Greater Philadelphia Area with the goal of opening a second OTW location in the future. 

  • Sarah Boyd                                                        volunteer staff


    Coffee Shop Drink:

    Sarah has always loved asking and being asked questions!  After moving to Scotland for University she became involved with the Navigators and was convinced of Jesus' model for life on life discipleship and has never looked back.  After marrying Jonny they began discipling young adults in Northern Ireland for 15 years before moving to the states with their 4 crazy kiddos to be part of the ministry.

  • Stacy Coblentz                                            

    Hometown: Walnut Creek

    Coffee Shop Drink: coffee with a dab of cream

    Stacy is a wife and mom to four stellar teens. After she started attending Countryside Chapel a few years ago, she fell in love with OTW staff and the wanted to become an active part of a discipleship program. She loves Jesus and people.

  • Beka Illick                                                                    

  • Correy Scally