Jesus is the Glue

    08.24.20 | Discipleship by Stacy Coblentz

    It was Monday morning and I was on my porch swing reading the newspaper. I was using it as a distraction from the crazy train thoughts that had consumed me the week before. (By the way, my daughter thinks that me reading the newspaper makes her look even younger and me older than what we are.) As I was swinging a retired plumber walked up to my porch. He talked shop about the work he is doing at my place and somehow our conversation turned to Jesus.  I love when that happens. It sort of feels like a surprise gift someone leaves you by your front door. You know, when you get home after a long day and there is a small gift or a note from someone in essence saying, ‘I was thinking about you.’  For me when Jesus pops up in a conversation it feels like God saying, “I’ve got you. See, you aren’t alone. Here’s another one of my followers to encourage you.”
    So as we were talking about our faith and what God has done, the gentleman shared that he and his wife lost their adult son a year ago to cancer. It all happened so fast and took them off guard. I asked how his wife was doing and he said this. “It’s the worst thing we’ve ever gone through but it’s almost as if it made us closer together.”
    Wow. That blew my mind. When I read statistics about couples losing a child that isn’t a statistic I often come across…it drew us closer together. Tragedy often tears people apart. What was the difference? I asked him. I wanted to know.  It was simple to him…Jesus. Jesus is the glue. As he went on to share about their experience I felt uplifted and encouraged. We serve a mighty God who is faithful and intentional about taking care of us. It felt like a really big hug from God that morning that. It felt like Him saying all the problems swirling around my mind are tightly held in His hands and He really does have me taken care of.