Just a little Sunshine

    06.15.20 | Christian Life by Don Stubbs

    My mind travels back many years
    When I was just a boy
    I would do so many crazy things
    It seemed life was full of joy
    A smile would come across my face
    I would laugh so hard I would cry
    The simplest things of life brought hope
    Not even knowing the reason why
    I would pretend to be a pirate
    sailing unchartered seas
    Some days I would be a lifeguard
    Enjoying the ocean breeze
    Most days I would just be me
    Causing mischief wherever I’d go
    There was just something deep inside of me
    That just wanted people to know
    That no matter how bad life could be
    no matter how hard things might become
    That within each and every one of us
    We could bring just a little Sun
    Yes we can smile when no one else may smile
    We can hope when there is pain
    We can soar above all these things
    We can sing even when there’s rain