Live well, Love much, Laugh often. These are the words I would say!

    04.16.20 | Christian Life by Don Stubbs

    As I sit here this more reading, I took special note of this quote hanging on my wall “Live well, Love much, Laugh often”. And I thought what good advice, but why is it so hard to live it out? What keeps us from doing these things?  But then I thought, Living Well, Loving Much and Laughing Often requires that we understand that these three are all gifts and they have been given to us from God and He desires that we do well with them.

    Living Well, means we have to be in a close and growing relationship with the One who gave us the gift of Life. As we seek to understand why the gift was given and how precious this gift is, we find that thankfulness for the gift grows. We no longer take life for granted, but start to treasure each day and what it may bring. We realize that not only our life, but all life is precious, and each life that we have ever or will encounter have been and is an ongoing opportunity to be a source of hope and encouragement. Yes, to live life well means to live not only for ourselves, but for others, seeking to not only be blessed, but to be a blessing to all. Living well is living in a way that honors the One who gave us such an incredible gift.

    Loving Much, means we have to understand what love is and how God wants us to love. Again, we come to find the source of the gift is God. So we need to stay connected to the source if we are going to be able to love much. As we grow in our knowledge of love, we find that love has direction, and love travels. It comes from God to us, and then it can flow back to God from us. Afterwards, it can go from us to others, and from others to us. But for us, our love must always be growing, richer, deeper, and stronger. Loving much requires us to love in more self sacrificing ways. It means that our hearts move towards a love that is unconditional and a godly love, a love that places God and others first. Trusting in God, the source of true love, that as we pour more love out, He will give us more love to give.

    Laughing Often, this one calls us to become less uptight. We have to stop taking ourselves so serious. We must find things in life that cause us to laugh more, to enjoy more, to relax more. It is often said that laughter is good food for the soul, so in a real sense we must care more for our souls. Laughing also is good for our health, and our perspective. Laughter causes us to take a step back and say to ourselves, “God has this and I need not be so worried, fearful, uptight, or offended.” And truth be told, laughter just makes us feel better.

    So Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often these things are gifts from that God who made and loves you.