Things I learned on my Porch Swing

    08.24.20 | Stories: All Christian Life by Don Stubbs

    My mom would say you have our DNA in you, and without God you could be the worst of us, but with God you could be the best of us! Now my mom was not a trained theologian or philosopher, but I think what she was trying to teach me was a simple truth, that only with God, can we be the godly person God called us to be.
    My mom had a strong, but simple faith. She lived her life with a deep love for God and people. Although she was not perfect, she was faithful to what she believed, and she shared those beliefs with all of her children. She did not learn her theology in a class room, but she learned it as she read the Word of God, and as she tried to live it out in her life.
    As I sat on my porch swing, my mom’s statement really struck me. I have come to agree with my mom, for in my personal life I am a completely different person because of my relationship with Jesus Christ. How I live, see life and understand life, how I love and treat people and how I think, are all better because of my love for God and my desire to please Him.
    He has changed my DNA, and He has set me free to live a life pleasing to God. DNA is a funny thing, because what my mom failed to tell me, or I failed to hear, was that often times my mind would remember the ways of my old DNA, and try to convince me that I'm still that person. And it’s hard for me to believe that I have been changed completely.
    That’s the truth that we must understand; we have been made new. Our DNA is changed. I am no longer a slave to sin, but a child of God. Do I still make mistakes, and do I still sin, yes! But it is not part of my DNA, and I now have the ability to fight sin. I’m a new creation who now has to fight against the lust of my former DNA, and it’s a fight. However, I now have the Spirit of God living in me who gives me the ability to win the fight.
    So even though how my mom said it may not be how the great theologians would say it, my mom taught me what it means to be made new. And she was right; there is still a lot of my mom and dad in me, but my DNA has been changed.