Frequently Asked Questions

What is discipleship?
Discipleship, to put it simply, is the process of practically guiding others to become a dedicated follower of Christ. This involves learning about ourselves and what the Bible teaches, living out God's commands and in community with other believers and leading others to do the same. We believe God desires and commands believers to pursue discipleship. You can learn more about our heart behind discipleship and true Life-on-Life discipleship by visiting our "Why Discipleship?" page.
What is a gap year? Does it work?
A gap year is designed to allow students who have graduated from high school to discover more about themselves and get equipped before heading into the rest of their life, whether it be to higher education or a career path. Studies show that students who participate in gap years before college get better grades and understand themselves better for the work world! We believe in building up young people in discipleship so they can go make disciples in their communities around the country and world.
How long are the OTW programs?
Both the Discipleship Program and School of Worship are about nine months long, starting in September and ending in May. Our curriculum is meant for two school years, but some students are called to other places after committing just one year to OTW.
What if I don't want to have a career in ministry? Can I still benefit from this program?
Yes! Off the Wall is for ANYONE who simply desires to learn more about how to live and learn discipleship as a lifestyle. While we do offer some training and counsel for those who feel called to pursue a career in ministry, not all followers of Christ are called to a ministry-specific vocation.
When is the best time to apply?
We accept applications year-round, however there are no guarantees that we will have enough housing space to accommodate all students who apply. While we try our very best to never turn students away, the best time to apply is during the spring and early summer. If you are not able to apply during those months, please still submit an application, and a staff member will reach out to you.
How many students do you have?
Our Ohio location typically has between 30-45 students.
What are the classes like?
In the Discipleship Program, classes vary depending on each staff's teaching style. Typically, classes are lecture/discussion based. Homework is sometimes assigned, again depending on the staff member. School of Worship classes include both group and individual instruction in music and leading worship.
Are you accredited?
OTW is not an accredited program. OTW Students are encouraged to enroll part-time in local or online schools to pursue their college degrees if that is their desire. That being said, OTW offers practical, life-giving counsel and lessons from God's Word, and we believe God's Word is more valuable than any degree.
Is OTW a rehab program?
Off The Wall is NOT a rehab program. If you are in need of professional rehabilitation or recovery help from severe substance abuse or other forms of abuse, please seek out a professional rehab organization. That being said, OTW welcomes those who have experienced addictions and/or trauma in the past and want to come alongside you in your growth in Christ. If you have any questions or need help finding a rehab program, please contact us.
When does the OTW year start and end?
Both the Discipleship Program and School of Worship typically begin in early September and end in mid-May.
What should I bring?
View a suggested packing list on our "Student Resources" page.
Do students need to have their own vehicles?
Nope! Although many students choose to bring their own vehicles, there are options for those who don't. Students without cars often choose to walk or bike to class and work (since housing is right in town) or carpool with others.
Are there breaks during the year?
Over the course of nine months, students are given a couple weeks off for Christmas. Since many students come from distant locations, some will take trips home throughout the year as well. Additionally, our "spring break" is used as Missions Week. This is an opportunity for students to participate in missions trips, either domestic or international. Different Missions Week trips are offered each year, so more information is given to students throughout the year as we prepare.
How should I prepare for my time at OTW?
Some good ways to get ready for OTW are to consider your growth goals and pray about your time here. Head over to the "Student Resources" page for more helpful ideas.
Are you affiliated with the Vans shoe brand?
Nope, sorry. We're just a bunch of people who are "off the wall" for Jesus and sometimes wear cool footwear.

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