James tompkins - elder @ Upper perkiomen community church

One of the biggest reasons I believe in the ministry of Off the Wall is because 
I see this type of discipleship in the New Testament. Now that I have gotten to know the staff at Off the Wall more intimately, I believe that these folks not only talk the talk but truly desire to walk the walk! One of the clearest evidences of this is when I sit and chat with the students. Why is it that so many of these students are returning to the program for a second and third year? So many of them are finding what they have been searching for so long. A true relationship with Jesus!
 Having just returned from spending 4 days in New Philly, my family was blessed by the time spent interacting with the 10-15 students that have stayed through the summer. Many of them helped us as we built bunk beds and cleaned. We spent many evenings together just getting to hear the stories of many of these young people. I honestly can't leave New Philly without my own heart being challenged with this question, "Do those that know me, have a better understanding of who Jesus is when they leave me?"

Byrnese Knapp

Christ used this community to transform my heart.  To learn to trust, to love, and to give me a hope I had never even dreamed existed, a hope in which I can anchor my soul.  OTW means everything to me because it was the vehicle God used to work miracles in me, drawing me tenderly into His arms, reconciling my heart to His.