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How do I get ready for OTW?

  • Read the acceptance packet. Once you've been accepted to OTW, you will be emailed an acceptance packet. This packet has lots of necessary information, so please read it thoroughly. 
  • Consider your goals. Begin to think about ways you would like to see yourself grow this year. Example goals might be to grow in love for people, read your Bible more, quit an unhealthy habit like gossip or excessive video games, etc.
  • Pray! Begin to strengthen your prayer life by asking God to reveal His goals for you this year. OTW can be an intense time for students who are willing to go all-in. Pray for your own growth and know that the OTW staff is praying for you too. We're excited to get to know you.


What should I bring?

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*This list does not apply to non-residential School of Worship students


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