Jesus is the Glue
    08.24.20 | Discipleship | by Stacy Coblentz

    It was Monday morning and I was on my porch swing reading the newspaper. I was using it as a distraction from the crazy train thoughts that had consumed me the week before. (By the way, my daughter thinks that me reading the newspaper makes her...

      Just a little Sunshine
      06.15.20 | Christian Life | by Don Stubbs

      My mind travels back many years When I was just a boy I would do so many crazy things It seemed life was full of joy   A smile would come across my face I would laugh so hard I would cry The simplest things of life brought hope Not...

        This We Know
        12.10.19 | Christian Life | by Don Stubbs

        "This we know, We will see the enemy run. This we know, We will see the victory come. We hold on to every promise You ever made, Jesus, You are unfailing."