ministry training

Lead in gospel-centered community, understand the demands & expectations of ministry, deepen your understanding of Scripture, grow in your gifts & calling, learn some valuable ministry skills, and go serve the church and the world.

community life

Students live in homes within the local community.  They cook meals, clean their houses, take out the trash, and learn to live with others.  You will learn to lead through conflict and bring a ministry of reconciliation into the home.

teaching & development

Our two year curriculum includes theological training on Hermeneutics, The Doctrine of Salvation, Systematic Theology, The Gospels, How People Change, and other Scripture-based classes.  We also provide practical training in specific areas of ministry.

personal discipleship

You will have the opportunity to walk side by side with individuals who are actively involved in ministry.  You can watch what they do, ask questions, and learn what the day in and day out lifestyle looks like.

We offer training and development for up to 3 people in each of the following areas...

  • Youth & Children's Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry & Leadership
  • Teaching/Discipleship
  • Worship/Music Ministry
  • Restoration/Recovery Ministry
  • Missions & Outreach

schedule & expectations

We start our year in mid September and end in mid May.  Our weekly schedule includes all day Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  You will be expected to do additional reading and spend time outside of your normal schedule serving in your ministry area.