Making Passionate 


Of Jesus Christ

Discipleship is a lifestyle and we want to equip the young church to live in it.

Find a place to belong.

Searching for Growth?

Find healing, clarity and authentic relationships. Discipleship is God's calling for everyone.


"I didn't know where to go"

"My decision to go to college wasn't a bad idea, but God had something else planned on His agenda for me."

John & Cheri

"Our daughter was clearly transforming"

"Off The Wall is a great program for young adults who are ready to jump into service, growth and involvement in the church. It was a great fit for our daughter, and it has impacted her life forever."


"i Needed Transformation

"I was full of anger and pride, and it was rotting me to my core. Off the Wall was the instrument that Jesus used to restore me to His glory."

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