School Of Worship

Receive practical training in music theory and leading worship while learning how to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

*School of Worship is offered through our Ohio location only

Develop Your Skill


Attend classes, 1:1 lessons, and lead worship with your team. Receive training in music theory, practical band instruction and leading worship through 1:1 and group lessons.


Work with our professionally trained musicians, each experienced in teaching and performing in churches and on other stages.


The School of Worship meets Thursdays mornings
(around 20 hours per week, including class time, lessons and individual practice time).

Learn To Lead

School of Worship students lead weekly chapel services and must put together a set to play as a team.

Additionally, recording time is set aside at Red Bird Studio for students to learn to record tracks using professional equipment.

McKenzie - 2nd year Student

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Be Discipled


School of Worship students may live in OTW housing with the rest of the student body and participate in the Discipleship Program at the same time.

Non - Residential

School of Worship students may choose to live in their own housing and only participate in the School of Worship.



Non - Residential

Basic food plan
One retreat
Group and individual music lessons
Recording time

Cost: $250 Enrollment Fee
*non refundable

+ Discipleship Program Cost ($4950)
Group and individual music lessons
Recording time

Cost: $2,000

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